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"The Ten Families" is the name given to the collective of Patrician families who lead the Venici people. Each particular lineage specializes in a certain skill or trade.



Current Head: Unclaimed

Scholars, diplomats, scribes - Alerons thrive on interaction with and study of other cultures, and the world around them.


Current Head: Unclaimed

Military strategists and skilled combatants, Artanos are trained from youth to be leaders in battle. There are rumours that certain members of the Artano family are more skilled at other, less overt, uses of weapons, for a price.


Current Head: Unclaimed

The Corvisan family is best known for their skills at working with metals. It is a mark of honor amongst the Venici to wield a blade crafted in the Corvisan forges, and their armor is nearly as well known for its aesthetics as for its dependability in combat. Steel grey is the emblematic color of the Corvisans.


Current Head: Unclaimed



Current Head: Unclaimed

The Loraden are very well known for being great healers. The Loraden does its best to keep the blood of Healers strong within the family, although it is not nearly as important to them as it is to the Rigio. Those who do happen to be born with little or no healing abilities spend their lives working with herbs discovering new ways to apply them to healing purposes. In addition, those born without the abilities also research ways to make current healing powers more potent. The Loraden are represented by green, the color of healing and nature.


Current Head: Unclaimed

The family Penelli are excellent chefs. Penelli foods can be found in shops all over the world, and some of the finest Restaurants and Inns in the world host members of the Penelli family as their cooks. Although the average person does not differentiate between different members of the Penelli family (Penelli food is Penelli food) the fact is that different people in the family have different styles of cooking and specialize in different things. Despite this, the tradition tends to be the same with everyone in the family; that is, father and mother pass their own special techniques down to their children. This ensures Penelli food keeps the same high quality that it always has. The color that represents the Penelli within the Venici is brown.


Current Head: Unclaimed

The Orsini are jewelers and they consider themselves some of the finest in the lands. They tend to get a lot of their business from the other Venici houses, however other races have come to appreciate the fine work done by the Orsini family also. In addition to being jewelers the family is also well known for being excellent appraisers of other people's jewelry. The Orsini family is represented by the color gold. Not only is it the color of one of the rarest metals, but it is quite fashionable.


Current Head: Xytan

Generations of intense training and carefully planned marriages have produced in the Rigio line a strong talent for working with the elements. Those children born without great innate talent devote their lives to studying the more mundane aspects of elemental theory, along with researching practical applications for the magic. The Rigio family claims the color blue as their own and as such most members of this family will be seen wearing it at all times.


Current Head: Unclaimed

The family Venere devote their lives to living and spreading the worship of Bellamane. It is completely unheard of for anyone to be born into the Venere and not follow the tradition of Bellamane. In fact, the Venere are arguably the most picky and strict when it comes to who marries into their family because they expect that those who do follow the family's strict tradition of living for Bellamane first before anything else. The family of Venere claims the color red as their own. They choose the color red as it is one of the colors of Bellamane who the family devotes their life to worshipping.


Current Head: Unclaimed

While most Venici are patrons and lovers of the arts, the Ziani especially hone the skills of performance and visual art in their children. Many great painters, singers, and sculptors have come from the Ziani line. A vibrant violet color officially represents the family.

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