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Hey, guys. The stub should be in the actual article, not in the list.

Thanks! Milawe 04:27, 2 April 2008 (UTC)


Heya gang.

I've been working on these buggers for about half a year, and I realized my format for text has drifted somewhat. "Habitat" and "Description" sections are fairly straightforward, but the "Notes" section has no noteworthy parameters, and many of the earliest additions to the list have an independent set of notes just above the 'stub' placement. I'm open to suggestions on a permanent format, but thus far, I've treated the 'notes' section as if such recordings are demonstrable observations, and the independent 'stub notes' as folklore, etymology, etc.

I'm over halfway done on the text for this section of Collectibles, but I'm always open to suggestions and help.

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