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Striped Vespid
Habitat:Temperate regions.
Description:These sleek slender winged insects are dark in color, generally light black, deep purple or navy blue. They are covered in a glossy exoskeleton which alternates in color in lateral stripes. Their wings are thin and translucent, and nearly invisible in flight. Their heads are heads are slightly triangular, tapering downward toward a pair of daunting mandibles. Their posterior ends in a short thick stinger, mounted to a highly flexible rear segment. They grow up to two thums in overall length, with a slightly shorter wingspan.
Notes:The vespid is an arboreal specie, burrowing into the bark and flesh of trees, or occupying abandoned holes. They are omnivorous, but seem to be able to live on the nourishment of the tree alone, as they are active, if sluggishly so in winter, year-round. They eat ants and other insects, but do not seem to require water.

This wasp rarely stings humanoids unless unduly molested, but they seem to hold special animosity toward cats and keke crickets. No one knows why.

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