Stinging fire centipede

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Stinging Fire Centipede
Habitat:Sub-tropical forested regions.
Description:Nearly three thums long and segmented dozens of times, this centipede's twenty/thirty/forty pairs of legs are sharply pointed and undulate smoothly. The head and tail segments are almost identical to the casual observer, each displaying a glistening pair of crimson orbs and a sharp stiff needle-like appendage. Feathery antennae splay like delicate fern fronds in front and back. The body segments are hard and shiny black chitins mottled with vibrant orange and yellow mottling.
Notes:Contact with a centipede resulting in a bite may shock the victim as a burning toxin induces instant pain. Not generally fatal, the centipede is only truly dangerous when delivering multiple bites and stings.

Caution should be used in collecting a Stinging Fire Centipede, as their bites are extremely painful.

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