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Stegadonk Fly
Habitat:Indigenous to Ta'Raekhet, but can survive in many climes.
Description:Perhaps less a true fly than a small cicada, the stegadonk fly is lime-green, perhaps one to one-and-a-half thums in length. Its body is rounded and heavy, and its legs end in hooked 'feet'. Its wings are translucent, angled backwards along the body, and its head does not seem to be separate from its stout body. Their eyes lay flatly against their heads, taking up almost the entire front and both sides of the head. In flight, its wings whine, and they flutter even when the insect is perched. Its glossy body is covered with tiny fine hair that can collect many forms of refuse, and unless the fly is recently molted, its natural coloration can be masked in anything, including animal feces, pollen, dust and mud.
Notes:This biting fly appears to feed on warm-blooded animals, especially stegadonks, piercing the skin with a sharp proboscis and then draining skin fluid. The bites are painful, and cause a sensitive rash accompanied by itching and infection.

These parasites are a significant nuisance to stegadonk handlers and riders, although many home remedies have been used for centuries as repellants, most notably and effective being lime powder, frankincense, and cedar smoke and sap.

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