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In Primordiax, stats are trained gradually by eating food. The nourishment provided will slowly, over time, raise your core statistics. The amount you improve and the chance of improving at all depends upon the quality of the food you are eating. The type of statistical effect depends upon the nature of the food itself and what parts of your mind, body, and soul it enriches.
Your stats do have a cap, however. You cannot raise a stat to a value that is higher than your level + your racial stat bonus. Thus, for humans, every stat is capped at your level. If you have +1 to a stat, your cap for that stat is your level +1. If your cap for a stat is -1, then your cap is level -1. The long term effect of this is quite small since at level 100 a single point is only 1%.
You can check your stat training progress with the score command. Next to each stat is a number in (x%) that shows how close you are to a stat increase. If a stat is already capped, there will be no (x%) next to that stat. This value is rounded off to the nearest tens digit.
TESTING ONLY: During testing the unrounded percentage is displayed.

Link: stats racial stats

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