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General Help File

Usage: stance

       stance offensive <name of stance>
       stance defensive <defense 1, defense 2, etc>

Description: This command allows you to check your various combat stances as well as change your offensive and defensive stance. There are three types of combat stances:

Combat Style: This is the type of weapon configuration you are using. This includes: one handed, two handed, and dual wielding.

Offensive Stance: Your offensive stance affects how you engage in standard melee combat. You can only have one offensive stance active.

Defensive Stance: There are three types of defense: blocking, dodging, and parrying. While simply training in these skills gives you a base chance to block, dodge, or parry, the chance increases significantly if that defense is "active." Some very highly trained combatants are able to have more than one type of defense active at the same time, but this is very specialized.

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