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Slemortongue Caterpillar
Habitat:Temperate regions of Ta'Raekhet.
Description:Fiery is the best way to describe the Slemortongue's coloration scheme. Bright orange and yellow with a smattering of green stripes, this caterpillar is highly visible in practically all environs. Its three-thum length makes it rather easy to spot, as does its distinctive undulation, reminiscent of the slemor's lingual articulations. It tends toward a slender elongated aspect compared to other caterpillars, and is capable of moving quite quickly when threatened.
Notes:The coloration leads to speculation that the Slemortongue is toxic or unpleasant to the taste, but it is considered a delicacy by many humanoid species if the skin is removed. Their diet tends toward the seeds of fruits, and they have been observed eating a wide range of nuts, generating reports that they are in fact tasty and nourishing. The silk produced when they spin a chrysalis is often used as a substitute for finer spydar silks in the mercantile industry.

This is the larval form of the Chemerian Butterfly.

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