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General Help File

Usage: skills

       skills           - This will list all skills where you have the
                          primary skill trained to at least 1.
       skills all       - This will list ALL skills in ALL trees, regardless
                          of whether you have any training in them or not.
       skills tree      - List all the skill trees.
       skills <tree>    - List skills of a particular tree.
       skills primary   - List all the primary skill categories.
       skills <primary> - List skills of a particular primary category.
       skills settings  - Configure settings for this command.

Description: This command allows you to see how highly trained your skills are, what your current score is in those skills (with buffs/debuffs applied), and any skill notes for those skills.

At the end of the list the command will display how many training and hobby points you have available.

Link: skill system

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