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Silk Ribbonfly
Description:A thin 'neck' supports the roughly triangular head of this winged insect, separating it from a roughly pear-shaped body. Smattered with cooler colors, most notably green, blue and tinges of maroon, its body appears to be vaguely ant-like. Its legs are multi-jointed, and extremely articulate. All of these features are utilized when the ribbonfly spins silk from the twin spinarets on its posterior. At times, remnant sheets of this silk trail the ribbonfly in flight, creating the illusion of a tail.

Its rear legs are very articulate, much like a spider's, and are used rapidly to pull silk into different shapes.

Notes:The ribbonfly is a scavenger, feeding on corpses and refuse, although it is not above occasionally becoming a predator of smaller insects.

The silk appears to be used for creating nests, storing foods and foiling predators. The ribbonfly's silk is mid-grade, and although not long-lasting enough to be used for garments, it is often used to supplement materials used in creating artist canvases and paintbrushes, disposable cleaning cloths, and rudimentary paper.

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