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Qwiggy and Redderick are new leklek friends:

Redderick asks, "so. wanna see my family tree?"

You exclaim, "Sure!"
You say, "Am I in it"
You have a questioning look on your face.

-> Redderick looks at the papers
Redderick asks in bewilderment, "I...dont...know?!"
-> Redderick reorganizes the papers to look like a tree
Redderick says, "there we go, lets look at this"
-> Redderick looks at the tree.

-> Qwiggy flips up its eyepatch and looks also.

Redderick says, "hmm"
Redderick says, "I am here.. so if you follow the"
Redderick says, "AH! you are in it, look here"
-> Redderick points at a scraggly branch
Redderick says, "yup, your by yourself there"

-> Qwiggy waggles its eyebrows and follows the branch.
You say, "I guess I'm older than I thought I was."

Redderick says, "oh no, tree designed by usefullness. Notice I am at the top here."
-> Redderick points to a branch that looks like it could killa crabot by itself

You boggle at the concept.

Redderick says, "ahem.. yep, made itself"
Redderick says, "can't question the tree"

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