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Razorback Earwig
Habitat:Temperate forested regions, undergrowth.
Description:Pincered at both ends with functioning mandibles, these insects are perhaps one to two thums long, typically. They can be very aggressive when threatened. Brownish-green, flat brown or dusky gray,. depending upon age, they blend well with their natural surroundings.
Notes:Largely presumed to be a detritivore, it is difficult to say whether or not their diet is occasionally insectivorous, as they are the contested scrappers of the forest floor. They have been observed battling pseudoscorpions, ants, spiders, and all sorts of predators. It is unknown if they feed on the carcasses of their opponents.

Legend holds that the earwig will invade the ears of sleeping humanoids, laying clutches of eggs in the ear canal, which then hatch and devour the host's brain. Although it is indisputable that there are many brainless people strolling hither and yon, no documented case of 'Earwig Dementia' has been verified.

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