Pyramidal Hihn fly

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Pyramidal Hihn Fly
Habitat:Plains of Mitralon.
Description:Up to a thum long, this flighted insect is delicate-looking, with six long thin legs. The hihn fly is a curiosity of nature. They possess large acute eyes, but no feeding mechanisms whatsoever. Their wings appear too short for flight, but once hatched, they do not seem to land. Their feet are specialized for gripping during mating and are easily severed.

Coloration tends toward yellows with pinkish highlights, and this scheme is extended into the transparent wings. They lack true antennae, but twin appendages on the head seem to serve a reproductive function, interlocking during mating.

Notes:The mating ritual flight is studied for its hihn aesthetic, as the male and female's flight path is perfectly pyramidal during their courtship ritual, which may last for several hours.

The lifespan of a Hihn fly is less than twenty-four hours.

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