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Primordium Beetle
Habitat:Volcanic regions.
Description:The distinctive silver and black mottling on the carapace of this variety of ladybug gives the insect a metallic appearance very similar to its namesake. The silver patches are highly reflective, and the black spots are flecked with an array of precious metal hues. Its bristly antennae are stiff and perched above rather than between its prismatic eyes. Six silvery needle-like legs scurry beneath the swell of the half-thum carapace.
Notes:Able to withstand superhuman heat, the primordium beetle can often be found near the caldera of dormant or active volcanoes, although their diet and habits are a mystery.

Experimentation has revealed that their carapace, in conjunction with its metallic appearance, is slightly magnetic, attracting ferrous particles, and perhaps serving a useful navigational purpose.

Caution should be displayed while attempting to collect specimens of the Primordium beetle, as its tolerances for high temperatures permits its carapace to deliver a wicked contact burn.

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