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Phase II testing is an extremely early testing phase, and frankly, it's not much fun. There is very little of the game to actually play at the moment, so we really appreciate the testers who are testing and contributing at this point.

During Phase II testing, fundamental design systems have already been made, but fleshing out the systems determines heavily on player testing and player suggestions.

What are you guys testing?

    1. All race and culture selections work correctly and is documented clearly.
    2. Feature selection works correctly.
    3. Stat selection works correctly.
    4. Most importantly, is all of the above clear and FUN to do.
    1. Choosing a class and having it give appropriate profession options.
    2. Choosing a profession and having the right skills assigned and in the correct categories (profession skills, class skills, hobby skills, etc.)
    1. Does the game lore give you enough to begin and inspire your role play.
    2. What additional lore is needed to help enrich the role play environment.
    3. Do the commands in the game give you sufficient tools for role play.
    4. What additional tools (in the form of commands, features, etc.) are important for role play.
  4. COMBAT:
    1. Basic combat
    2. Aggro management (including use of special abilities like taunt)
    3. Guarding (warriors only)
    4. NPC death, looting corpses
    5. Player death and coming back to life
    6. Dual wielding
    7. Combat spam settings
    8. Other combat settings
  5. LOOT:
    1. Loot dropping on corpses.
    2. Appropriate loot dropping based on loot tables.
    3. More loot tables!
  6. COMBOS:
    1. Ability to add combo elements to a target.
    2. Ability to actually fire off a combo using those combo elements added.
  7. BUFFS:
    1. Buffs from gear
    2. Buffs from abilities
    3. Buffs from potions
    4. All of the above should apply correctly, remove correctly, stack correctly, and cap out correctly. The cap for gear buffs is 1/2 your level. The cap for abilities & potion buffs combined is 1/2 your level.
    1. Training skills
    2. Untraining skills
    3. Gaining abilities (see list of completed abilities)
    4. Using these abilities
    1. Earning xp
    2. Automatic levelling up
    3. Gaining useable skill/hobby points on level up.
    4. Proper increases in hp/sp/ep
    1. Casual intros using the correct name
    2. Casual intros using the wrong name
    3. Full intros
    4. Nametags
    5. Any of the above not properly overwriting each other. The order of precedence should be:
     full intro <- correct casual intro <- wrong casual intro <- nametag
    1. Movement around the world working properly.
    2. Portals (e.g. doors) working properly.
    3. Exits working properly.
    4. Endurance working properly (getting tigold from moving aroun
    5. as well as regenerating endurance.
    1. Learning a resource gathering skill.
    2. Gathering resources.
    3. Gaining skill through use of your gathering skill.
    4. Taking a new gathering skill, causing your old one to get set to 0.
  3. ITEMS:
    1. Picking up, dropping, and trading items working properly.
    2. Wielding, offwielding, wearing, and removing working properly.
    3. When you drop or trade items, they unwield/remove properly.
    4. Clothing layers properly (HUGE ONE. This really needs to work flawlessly.)
    5. Stackable items stack properly and can also be split.
    6. Containers working properly - add to, take out of, etc.
  4. FOOD and DRINK:
    1. Does it train the right stats.
    2. Does it properly stop at the cap for your level.
    3. Does it heal hp, sp, and ep properly.
    4. Does it taste good (just kidding!).
  5. TRADE command:
    1. Single item traded from one person to another.
    2. Single item traded for coin.
    3. Single item swapped for another item.
    4. Multiple items swapped for multiple items.
    5. Combinations of items and coin swapped.
    6. Any other possible thing you can think of, no matter how crazy.
  6. ADD ACTIONS (commands added by items, rooms, NPCs, etc):
    1. Added properly.
    2. Work properly once added.
    3. Remove properly - This includes when the item is dropped, lost, disappears, gets dested, dies, etc.
    1. Ability to find collectible items.
    2. Ability to gather collectible items on their holder/container item (when applicable - like a lanyard)
    3. Ability to figure out how many of a collection you have (either by looking at the holder item or some other means).
    4. Ability to turn in collectible items and get cgoldit.
    1. Typo command works properly.
    2. Bug
    3. Praise
    1. Says
    2. Tells
    3. Channels - In particular, channels using the correct name for the type of channel.
    4. Last command working for the above.
    5. Emotes - including emotes over channels and means of communication.

Who are your testers?

  • Xara
  • Janark
  • Kyoso
  • Nex
  • Spectre
  • Realto
  • DeftRiposte
  • MomeRath
  • Leocretta
  • Dave
  • Hippocampus
  • Tink
  • Disillusionist
  • Silth
  • Impact
  • RamsesMQ
  • Mathil
  • Lopsidedgrin
  • Kali
  • Reykjav√≠k
  • Outsider
  • Aerikenadell
  • Naheem
  • Gingerlily
  • Disideri
  • Hikili
  • Colbycheese
  • Mabelrode
  • Aelitan
  • Kiara
  • Ianthe
  • Dorsek
  • SinisterDevil
  • ShadowFlame

How can I be a tester?

At the moment, we have all the testers we really need. If you feel that you have testing experience that would be valuable to the game, you can contact Milawe. Otherwise, please apply in the next stage of testing.


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