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Nanane Beetle
Habitat:Deep forest and jungle environs.
Description:This three thum long bug is mottled brown, dappled the entire length of the carapace with splotches of tans, yellows and earthy greens. This forest-floor pattern shifts at need to blend with its surroundings, including its oversized eyes. Above its mandibles is an intimidating set of ridged pincers, and the entire skirt of its carapace is lined with similarly shaped hooks and spines. A pair of undersized wings peeks slightly from the posterior of the carapace, unable to bear its weight in flight. Its three pairs of legs are covered in small barbs, spines and hooks, ending in twin-hooked feet.
Notes:The females of the specie are significantly larger, but not aggressive.

Named for its solitary behavior and extreme aggression to males of its own kind, the Nanane beetle's formidable appearance is more than decorative. The hooked protrusions, while visually intimidating, serve a very direct purpose in inter-male competitions. The horns and spines are used to flip an opponent on its back, which is almost invariably fatal. Being flightless, only very lucky or experienced males can recover from this plight. the Nanane beetle is very much a catch-all scavenger, feeding on carrion, detritus and occasionally becoming predator, typically of larvae uncovered in its foraging.

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