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General Help File

Usage: nametag

       nametag list
       nametag <target> as <mental name tag>

Description: This command allows you to create mental name tags for people you encounter. Without needing to be introduced in any way, you can decide to yourself how you will remember someone. For example, if there is a male elf you happen to see hanging out in the same local pub you frequent, you might try:

> nametag male elf as Pub Regular

Then whenever this person talks, enters/exits a room, etc. instead of seeing something like "Male elf says" you will see "Pub Regular says."

As with most inconsequential details of life, mental name tags are not burned indelibly into your brain. If you do not renew them from time to time (this simulates having to encounter the person now and again to refresh the memory) they will expire. Mental name tags last 14 real life days.

Link: None.

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