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---<---<----@ NALISSI @---->--->---

Deserts amber, gold, fiery in dusk
Lifeless, say those who venture not
And know not what breathes arid zephyrs

Scorpions, aye, and beasts envenomed
Thorn and spine, thistle and barb
Duel for moisture and grudging shade

Sands searing eyes and flesh and hope
Stratos holding merciless court
Harsh winds stone deaf to desperate pleas

Death swift to casual pilgrims
Shifting seas mask dry remains
Vast cities lost to all memory

"Nalissi" sere winds whisper wantonly
"Oasis" bald dunes promise near
"Haven" just over all horizons

Listen not with ears, nor see with eyes
The desert is Mistress Deceit
Jealous of Sister Nalissi

Mistress Mirage murmuring oaths
Deadly lies on ravenous lips
While Nalissi abides in peace

Green fronds shading, cool waters wait
Pomegranates drip sweet nectar
Soft salmon sands cushion worries

Listen not with ears, nor see with eyes
As Mistress taunts rasping tongues, dry lungs
Teases noses with false perfumes

Seek Nalissi with open heart
Know she awaits in silent repose
Her treasures ripe for the asking

Nalissi calls not, but welcomes
Fertile abundance heaped graciously
Virgin oils anointing her own

Forgotten there is Mistress of Mirage
Here, Oasis, Nalissi, Haven ... Her
The promise of all things fulfilled


reputed survivor of Fulcawe

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