Mysmirine Dragonfly

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Mysmirine Dragonfly
Habitat:Inland swamps of temperate zones.
Description:Pastels of blue and pink dance across the body and wings of this aquatic insect. Growing to four or five thums in length, just slightly more that their wingspan, they are easily spotted over the natural coloration of their habitat. The wings are broad, rounded, and angled forward, and emit a distinctive buzzing sound as they fly. The head is ovoid with lateral eyes, and their miniscule mandibles are nearly invisible.
Notes:They feed almost exclusively on insect larvae and surface algae, but there is some speculation that males will eat larvae of their own kind, despite the seemingly self-defeating nature of this habit. Their mating ritual takes place at high altitudes, relatively speaking, and their mating season appears to last only a few days, during which millions of specimens may be seen in monstrous clouds of swirling pastel colors.

In direct moonlight, the mysmirine dragonfly's body glows a pale violet, and in large numbers, swarms of the insects have been mistaken for ghostly apparitions.

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