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Mysmirel Moon Beetle
Habitat:Arid regions.
Description:Bearing a strong overall resemblance to scarab beetles, the Mysmirel's wingspots on a deep teal carapace look remarkably like the moons of Primordiax, a set of three on each wing. Beneath the split carapace are delicately transparent wings, and the six flat barbed feet seem capable of climbing sheer surfaces, such as glass. Tiny antennae the size of an infant's eyelash splay horizontally just above the paired multifaceted eyes. The moonbug moves slowly, and in flight, seems barely able to motivate its two-thum mass, although the transparent wings refract moonlight in tiny colorful spectra in its wake.
Notes:The Mysmirel Moon Beetle makes a distinctive croak, like a small bullfrog, when stroking its wings with its hind legs.

Completely nocturnal, the mysmirel beetle has often been cited as evidence of the existence the goddess Mysmirel's hand in the creation of Primordiax. Undeniably, the markings on the wing carapaces bear an uncanny resemblance to the three moons, Gemane, Ortias and Athene in alignment, although this seems to serve no apparent function to the creature's survival. As a display marking for mating, perhaps miniscule errors in the mimicry offer subtle clues to beetle females regarding male suitability. Surprisingly, it is imperfect specimens that are more highly prized by collectors. As the specie is fairly common, while the imperfect specimens are not, obtaining such a rarity is often likened to finding a silver needle in a stack of steel ones.

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