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Mysmirel, Goddess of the Moons

Verse one of the 4th quadrant from the Mysmirine Sphere:

Draped in moonlight,

Shadowed by the setting sun.

Her hour approaching as dusk

fed the orbs glowing on the horizon.

And Mysmirel wept.

Tears, not for you.

Tears, not for me.

But, for all beauty lost

as she slipped quietly

into the sea.


Mysmirel is a Goddess of unmatchable beauty and is often depicted in sultrily exquisite poses. Often, she is given a third eye in the palm of her right hand, signifying the reach of her wisdom and foresight.

Mysmerine Hand: A blue, open-faced hand within a silver circle, thumb and fingers tight together, with an opened eye set inside the palm. This symbol is often found on tabards, or painted/etched directly onto shields and armor.

Moon Pendant: A striking quarter moon silver inlay in a polished piece of onyx or in rare items, Mysmerine, often attached to lapels or the breasts of gowns.

The Face of Mysmirel: This is a term used to refer to any of Primordiax's moons when they are full. It is believed that whenever one of the moons is full, Mysmirel looks down upon the world of Primordiax with greater interest.


Silver and Blue

(If her mark is left in an act of vengence, the silver and blue is often smeared with red)


  • Triple Eclipse - The day when Primordiax eclipses all three of its moons. This happens once every four years.
  • Deepchill 21 - The shortest day of the year.

Bel'Mirel: A day of games, feasting, extavagant display, parades, etc. The date changes but occurs about once every four years. It occurs on the day when Primordiax eclipses all three moons. This occurrence, though seldom, alters the tides so drastically that sailors bring their ships to dock and stay out of the waters completely. This, in the past, has always given families and communities the chance to get together with all of their loved ones and celebrate another four years together. There are often special dances, and the dish du jour are usually fresh catches, shellfish, breads, and jams. This day also gives Her devoted a chance to let their hair down so to speak.

Deepchill 21 - This is the day of the longest night of the year. Followers of Stratos go into mourning on this day, while followers of Mysmirel delight in a longer span of time to enjoy the moonlight. If any of the moons are full on this day, Mysmirelians celebrate with great fervor. Occasionally, there is a rare celestial event that results in all three moons being in their "new" phase on this day. When that happens, followers of Mysmirel stay indoors for the entire day and night praying for the return of their Goddess. It is believed that this occurrence only happens when Mysmirel is in threatened in some way. It is theorized that Bel'Mirel could potentially coincide with this somber event, though there is no record of it ever having done so. There is much discussion about what such a celestial event would mean.


Mysmirel is revered by all for her calm understanding of the world and the paths of logic and reasoning she affords mortalkind. Followers of the Goddess are not ones to lose their cool on a whim. They are often analytical of any situation, preferring to tackle problems with a logical solution rather than acting out rashly or emotionally and often enjoy engaging in debates and politics because of this. However, followers of Mysmirel are rarely so disassociated with their emotions to be seen as cold or unfeeling. On the contrary, when it is suitable, emotions are embraced fully as the beauty of this world can be quite overwhelming.

Many of Mysmirel's devout spend a great deal of time studying the cycles of Primordiax's moons and the effects they have on Her seas. Much has been learned of the tidal effects of the moons giving seafaring folk more knowledge of the ocean's sometimes violent tidal fluctuations. Many such merchants and sailors adorn their hulls with great figureheads of Mysmirel to garner that extra bit of favor from the Goddess to ensure safe passage through Her domain.

Rumors spread throughout the cities, of secret guilds of zealots dedicated to Mysmirel. Their members are said to mingle within society as craftsmen, politicians, noble men and women, merchants and traders, inspired by the wisdom Mysmirel and Her dutiful enactment of vengence upon transgressors. These guilds of assassins are purported to take on contracts only for those in the most dire of circumstances or need. You do not find them. They find you and the price you must pay to correct the crimes against you are nothing compared to what you will suffer at their hands if you decline their service. You, in this case, are inconsequential, it is the principle of the deed that must be done to satisfy Her.

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