Mithril faeyora butterfly

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Mithril Faeyora Butterfly
Habitat:Any temperate region.
Description:Gentle spectrums of pastel blues, violets and pinks radiate from the otherwise duller body of this winged insect. Metallic 'dust' imbedded in the wings often gives this beauty a golden or coppery shimmer in flight, and the resemblance to mithril is difficult to deny. A long feathery tail chases the butterfly in flight, appearing to act much like a kite's tail to stabilize the insect.
Notes:Rumored to have once been the nature goddess's haircombs, Faeyora freed her floor-length hair, creating the 'Faeyora's Favorites', as some cultures call them.

This is the adult form of the Hihn thumworm.

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