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Jitamo Pinkieworm
Habitat:Northern coasts of Katavyan and Ta'Raekhet and the southern coasts of Mitralon.
Description:Males of the specie are bluish, mottled with green and purple, while females tend towards brownish hues of the same. Up to two thums in length, and covered in colorful fuzz, their locomotion is accordion-like, scrunching up and then elongating in a forward motion. They possess twelve pairs of legs, each of which ends in two 'toes' for gripping stems and rough surfaces.
Notes:Insatiable feeders, the Jitamo Pinkieworms are able to eat many times their own weight in a given day, excreting ichorous green waste in their wake. This excrement is caustic to green leaves, scarring them chemically. Their chief predators are birds, and they are also eaten by many native cultures, either headless and raw, or skinned and sauteed.

Named for the famous leklek explorer, Jitamo Redhat, who was said to waggle his pinkie against his temple when thinking, this nomer seems more colloquial than accurate.

This caterpillar is the larval form of the Hihnwing Butterfly.

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