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The Bug Collection
Habitat:Temperate regions.
Description:Perhaps a single thum long, the Jien Bug, a true beetle, is squat and ponderously slow-moving. Its carapace is remarkably heavy and thick, colored a bright magenta. Split above the wings, the carapace barely exposes the wings in flight, bent upward awkwardly, generating a very audible clattering buzz in flight as the wings strike the carapace halves. Its legs are stiff, ending in arced gripping hooks for clinging to stems and grass. Its smallish head is immobile, comprised almost entirely of its shiny purple-black eyes. It lacks antennae, ut fine hair-like appendages covering its unprotected surfaces likely serve some sensory function.
Notes:While the diet of the Jien bug is uncertain, they are the prey of many insectivores, provided the predator has the means to circumvent the daunting carapace. When crushed underfoot, they make a very distinctive crunching pop.

Also referred to as Jien Beetles, Damsel Bugs, Lexi's Toenails, Curtain Bugs and Purple Lekleks, the Jien Bug's habitat range is global, found nearly anywhere there is warmth and green vegetation.

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