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Hihn Dauber Wasp
Habitat:Any except polar.
Description:The hihn dauber can grow up to three thums in overall length, but much of it is exaggerated by a long and highly flexible tail section. Its stinger segment is disproportionately large and thick compared to the rest of the sleek body. The Dauber's coloration is dark metallic hues, and glossy to the point of reflective. Like a dragonfly, it possesses twin pairs of wings, granting it great agility in flight, as well as stability while hovering.
Notes:This vespid uses mud to build its nest, which is perfectly twenty-sided. Deconstructed, the nests teach hedronic principles in building to students of hihn architecture. The inner chambers are perfect hexagons, while the access tunnels are laid out in a spiral pattern that demonstrates the Primordian equivalent to a Fibonacci sequence. The height to width ratio is a perfect 'Golden Mean' or 'Divine Ratio', and the aggregate buzzing of all the wings within is a perfect B-flat.

Dauber mud is highly prized for its malleability, strength and slow drying nature.

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