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Harvest Spider
Habitat:Temperate regions, almost anywhere.
Description:Rusted browns and earth tones adorn this deadly arachnid, although females are often adorned in bands of color on the forelegs, ranging from glossy navy to a brilliant mauve. Squat and compact in appearance, its hairy body is stout and well suited to fast movement in and outside its chaotic web. Up to two thums in length, it is a formidable apparition.
Notes:Few bitten by the "harvester" survive, and its venom creates horrific necrotic wounds on those fortunate enough to resist its damage. Fortunately, it is not generally aggressive unless molested, and shies away from contact with larger species. Its diet consists of almost anything roughly its size, including mice, lizards, small birds and it is particularly well-suited to preying upon scorpions and other spiders. It is cannibalistic to its own specie, and fiercely territorial.

It may be found in its disorganized web often, but it is speculated that only the larger females build such structures, and the males are free-roaming predators, akin to wolf spiders in that regard.

Milawe's Notes on Harvest Spiders

Harvest spiders are often found in musty, dusty corners in barns and granaries. They feed frequently on the flies and beetles found in these areas.

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