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Raw materials such as stone, wood, metals, and gems are found all over the world of Primordiax. Crafters use these resources in their professions to create spectacular (or sometimes mundane) items that they, in turn, sell to the general populace. Some materials are common and are found in abundance, while others can only be gathered in the deepest, darkest depths of the world. All adventurers may also fish and gather food resources such as meat and vegetables. As explorers learn more and more about gathering their particular resource, the amount and the quality of each gather attempt increases. Crafters, naturally, tend to be better at collecting resources with much less waste than those who focus more of their energies on the art of warfare and combat. In order to access the most unique materials, a person must be properly trained by a master, someone who has spent years perfecting the art of gathering a specific resource. These masters are quite rare and will only train a few people a year.

Due to the Void Taint incident in the year 22 where nearly two thirds of Askagard was wiped out from contaminated ore, all three of the major cities require that any raw materials sold in their markets must be placed through a decontamination process first. Each city possesses a public facility for cleansing the resources via a clever mix of machinery and magic developed together by tinkers and enchanters. Once the materials have been wiped of any possible Void taint, they can be auctioned off in the market places of any of the three main cities. Each city charges a small fee for the use of their Decontamination Device in order to meet upkeep and part replacement costs. Obviously, the rarer and more delicate resources are a bit more expensive to process than the more common and hardy ones.

The quality of the gathered materials plays an enormous role in the quality of the end product. Thus, an adventurer must be quite careful in gathering these precious resources in more ways than one. In Primordiax, a persistent and enormous world, the resources are not unlimited. Herbs can be over-harvested, animals can be hunted into extinction, and mines can be depleted by the overzealous or the careless. Not only will explorers have to find new sources of material, they will also have to cautiously guard what they find.

Resource Skills

  • Fishing (*)
  • Harvesting
  • Herbology
  • Leatherworking
  • Mining
  • Woodcutting
  • Clays/Sands (**)

(*) This skill can be performed by anyone in addition to another resource gathering skill.
(**) This resource is not available at release.

Crafters and Gathering

Trade class characters earn xp from resource gathering. The amount is based on the tier of the resource and the tier of their gathering skill.

  • Tier 1 Resource:
    • Gathering Skill 1- 9: 20 xp
    • Gathering Skill 10-19: 10 xp
    • Gathering Skill 20+: 0 xp
  • Tier 2 Resource:
    • Gathering Skill 1- 9: ---
    • Gathering Skill 10-19: 20 xp
    • Gathering Skill 20-29: 10 xp
    • Gathering Skill 30+: 0 xp

and so on.

Resource List

Please select one of the following choices in order to find a list of known, available resources. (Some of these resources may not be obtainable until the world has reached a specific technology level.)

Recipe List

Please select one of the following choices in order to find a list of known recipes that have been discovered by the adventurers of Primordiax.

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