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Golden Cricket
Habitat:Ta'Raekhet grassy plains.
Description:Metallic and yellowish in appearance, with tinges and tints of lime green, the golden cricket is surprisingly hard to see in its natural habitat of grassy plains. Overlarge rear legs, the third pair of three, are used alone for moderate leaps, but can also assist leaping flight as the wings under the carapace are deployed. Although no sustained flight has been observed, a golden cricket can cover tens of yards in a single vault, often removing it from danger. Long thin antennae, located just above its eyes, constantly flicker in an arc around the insect.
Notes:The diet of the golden cricket prefers grass seed pods, making them a particular pest to wheat and sorgham crops. While not truly a 'plague insect' like their grasshopper cousins, they can still jeopardize crop yields if left to their own devices.

"Golden cricket
In the thicket
Luck for passerby.
Cricket golden
That I'm holdin',
Luck till morn is nigh."
Despite their dietary nuisances, many cultures consider the spotting and capture of a golden cricket to portend extremely good fortune, usually financial.

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