Giant cockroach

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Common Name: Cockroach, Giant

Species: Insect

Habitat: Any.

Description: Large opaque wings that are heavily veined cover the body of this insect so that only the legs are seen, and the tip of its abdomen. Long, coarse hairs extend from every joint of each leg, save for the last where a small sticky cup is present for the cockroach to adhere to any surface. A pair of antennae that are nearly as long as the body of the cockroach twitch back and forth, and the entire insect is roughly 3 rands in length. Set into the head of the cockroach are a large pair of grinding jaws that are mostly obscured by a foaming white substance coming from the mouth.

Notes: This specie of cockroach makes a far more satisfying crunch when crushed than its diminutive relatives.

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