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Fuzzy honeybee
Habitat:Temperate and sub-tropical regions.
Description:Only a half-thum in length, this diminutive pollinator is a golden yellow in color, with a slightly smaller wingspan. They fly surprisingly quickly, its distinctive high-pitched whine a sufficient warning of its presence. They appear quite thick and fuzzy when laden with pollen, some of their features completely obscured by yellow dust.
Notes:Noted for their general passivity until their hive is molested, the fuzzy honeybee is an insectoid workhorse. They are biurnal, working night and day, and are difficult to provoke, making them a domesticating favorite. Their honey and honeycomb products are a clear amber in color, and highly prized for their rich sweetness. All workers are female, the male drones being found only within the hive, tending larval young and the oversized flightless queen.

If sufficiently provoked, a colony of honeybees can deliver a multitude of extremely painful stings, after which the bee dies within minutes.

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