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Herbalism Resource
Flame Grass
Description:This plant is amongst the most beautiful in the world. Each tall blade of grass varies in color from warm golden yellow to rich coppery brown to brilliant orange to vibrant red. It takes over large fields so that in some unpopulated areas you can literally see fields that stretch for unbroken miles. When the wind blows across these fields, the grass waves in such a way that it almost appears to be an ocean of fall colors despite the actual season.

Hirithel's Herbal History

Flame grass is harmless in its natural state but when boiled in water with a piece of copper and allowed to cook down, the resulting residue becomes a powerful poison. This solution causes terrible burns that blister and form painful boils when applied to the skin and can cause death if ingested. Only Trullocs appear to have a natural resistance to Flame Grass burns. An ancient tribe of trullocs from the Askakedja Range are said to have used Flame Grass residue to burn designs and patterns into their stone skin. The resultant scarred designs are said to have been a symbol of honor and bravery amongst warriors.

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