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Ferron Dragonfly
Habitat:Inland swamps of temperate zones.
Description:Thick-bodied for a dragonfly, this yellowish winged insect is rarely found alone, preferring the company of its own kind in great numbers. Growing to perhaps three thums in length, it curls its tail section forward during flight, appearing to thicken its body even more so. Although both pairs of wings are truly transparent, they reflect sunlight in pale blues, pinks and yellows. The head is rounded, and its dark eyes are situated laterally, an indication that they are aerial predators.
Notes:Although they bear some of the dull reddish-brown coloration of actual ferron, their molted skins do in fact resemble the metal undeniably. They feed on other insects and their larvae, and have been known to swarm in order to drive off larger warm-blooded predators, such as birds. Their greatest natural enemy seems to be bats and fish, and bass will break water to snatch them from the air.

While their habitat is natural swamps, standing water left in the wake of a storm, winter run-off or other even man-made water sources suffice for their needs, and they can occasionally be found very near to humanoid civilizations.

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