Feathered fiend

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Common Name: Feathered Fiend



Description: This mockery of life stands six rands tall, but weighs no more than forty five crown. The creature's body is covered in a mix of heavily scarred flesh and dark red feathers that shimmer eerily in the light. The beast's arms end in small hands, the skin worm away down to the very bones. The digits of the fiend's hands are still extremely agile, their mobility most likely due to the arcane energies that visibly crackle between its fingertips. The fiend moves with unearthly grace, even for all its wounded flesh, clawed feet gripping the ground beneath it.
She is a female avian, 1 rand 2 thums tall, weighing 6 crowns. She has oily feathered wings. She has malevolent, black eyes.


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