Emerthyst dragonfly

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Emerthyst Dragonfly
Habitat:Inland lakes of temperate zones.
Description:Up to three thums in length, this dual-winged aquatic insect possesses an oddly faceted body which refracts the light in virtually any color found among beryls, such as rubies and emeralds, and is tinged with the pinks and mauves of amethysts and emerthysts. Its wings are veined with similar colors, although in flight they are nearly invisible. Slender for a dragonfly with an atypically large head, they are incredibly agile fliers, capable of hovering and even flying backwards for short distances. Tiny mandibles extend from the bottom of the anterior of their heads, although their bite is negligible.
Notes:Their diet, mainly mosquito larvae and tadpoles, is plentiful in their aquatic environment. They display an uncharacteristic curiosity around humanoids and larger mammals, simplifying observations of them. At rest, their wings remain extended and level, but constantly flutter, as if ready to launch on a millisecond's notice.

This specie should not be confused with the Faeyorite Dragonfly.

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