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Emerald Mayfly
Habitat:The single dead specimen ever found was on a log floating on the sea between the three continents.
Description:As seemingly brittle as glass, with wings of petrified gossamer, this insect is aptly named. Its extremely thin fragile legs are the precise color of flawless emeralds. Its antennae are elongated, jointed, and impossibly fragile. Less than a quarter-thum in length, the specimen found appears to be full grown. Its morphology places it clearly in the mayfly family, with the characteristic thicker abdomen and slender tail segment, and its leg and wing configurations unmistakably delineate it. It possesses no apparatus for feeding.
Notes:Little can be determined beyond cursory observations of the single dead specimen. It is known that the carcass was in fact a corpse, and not a molted skin, as all physical features were preserved, even after death. They showed no signs of desiccation whatsoever.

Private collectors have offered astronomical rewards for a single living specimen, and wealth beyond the dreams of avarice for a mate-worthy pair.

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