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Ebony Butterfly
Habitat:Ta'Raekhetan deep woods.
Description:Not truly ebony, the micro-spotted pattern of deep blues, violets, shades of gray and deep greens can appear quite black in slightly reduced lighting. The wings of this butterfly consist of four lobes, the upper two being slightly larger and rounder than the bottom two. The long body of the insect sports six spindly legs and gracefully arching antennaes. The entire butterfly measures approximately seven thums from top to bottom and six thums in its wingspan, making it one of the largest naturally occurring butterflies in the world.
Notes:Mainly nocturnal, these butterflies are difficult to collect, owing to their preference for living near poppies and deadly nightshade. Little is known about their feeding ranges or diets.

This is the adult form of the Diaxwood Boreworm.

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