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Diax Aphid
Habitat:Leaves of diaxwood trees.
Description:The narrow arched carapace of the diax aphid bears a natural resemblance to the ridges of the verdant diax leaves, its sole diet. Spindly green legs barely support its oversized olive body, dragging the waxy abdomen along the leaves. Beady black eyes are the only accent along its entire frame, barely an eighth of a thum long, and half as tall. Jutting from its face is a long and sharp proboscis capable of penetrating deeply into the veins of leaves for feeding.
Notes:The aphid emits a vaguely unpleasant odor.

The diax aphids, named after their specialized habitat, diax trees, are a reasonably benign parasite. Feeding exclusively on the waxy leaves of their namesake, and only on leaves that have already begun to wilt, they are more of a natural housekeeper. They enjoy a symbiotic relationship with chandler ants, owing to the aphids' waxy secretion prized by the ants as syrupy resin for their young and as a coating for their chitinous exoskeleton. The bitter and unpleasant waxy coating acts as a natural repellant and protectant against some of their natural predators. In exchange for this treasure, the aphids receive aggressive protection by the ants, and greater range and speed of travel as the ants bustle them about more efficiently.

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