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Desert Dun Spider
Habitat:Equatorial and tropical deserts and savannas, mainly of Ta'Raekhet.
Description:Colored in the dun and sandy tones of its environment, this arachnid is no more than a thum long, and is rather reclusive. Its eight smallish legs are smooth, ending in fine hooks for holding onto fur and prey, much like a louse's or tick's feet. Its body tapers backward in a teardrop shape, ended by a bulbous thorax. Its eight eyes are coupled in four paired groups, just above fuzzy polyps that conceal their tiny sharp fangs. Their spinarets are not usually visible, but the desert dun often trails a dragline, pinpointing their location.
Notes:This spider is a benign symbiote to many bovine and herd species. It builds its small web in the fu of its host, and hunts and traps the flies, ticks and other insect pests that plague such animals.

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