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Dappled Quisling
Habitat:Mitralon forests, although more specimens of this specie may reveal that it is an entirely widespread natural chameleon.
Description:It is unknown precisely what an untransformed quisling looks like, although it is certain that not all are born with wings.
Notes:Also called the Assassin Bug, Black Guilders and Demon Spider, this insect's phenomenal camouflage ability is a scientific wonder. Through a single molting, it can transform into uncanny likenesses of its host species. This alteration can include pseudo-varieties of many insectoid features, including wings, mandibles, extra leg pairings, articulation and other natural defenses. It does this in order to pillage its prey of eggs, larvae, honey, nectar, or any other protein-rich natural resource. They can be found in almost any hive, colony, nest or other large gathering of insects, such as bees, ants, wasps and cockroaches. The one pictured above was clearly killed in transition between an ant and a wasp.

Rare varieties of quislings are said to emulate arachnids, such as spiders and scorpions, although coastal specimens may even replicate small crabs. The very rare few specimens ever precisely identified were all shown under magnification to have a staggering variety of micro-tools and vestigial 'scarring' from some transformations. The discoverer of these 'tools' was a leklek by the name of Phinaou Boss, one of the greatest tinkerer-inventors to have ever lived.

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