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General Help File

Usage: help con

Description: "Con" is a shortcut for the word consider that evolved from the first online games (MUDs). To "con" something, or determine its "con", is to figure out the relative strength or potency of something in relation to yourself. If it is an item, you are estimating how powerful it is for someone of your stature. If it is an NPC, you are estimating how strong it is compared to you.

Primordiax uses con colors to help you gauge difficulty and quality for NPCs, items, gear, crafting recipes, etc. The "con" is generally represented by a small icon (like an * or a #) in front of the short description of the thing being observed. The color scale as explained below is described as if being used for NPCs, but the scale is the same for other things as well:

       Purple  -  Let's put it this way... no open casket.
       Red     -  Be sure you ate your Wheaties (TM).
       Yellow  -  More powerful than you.
       White   -  Generally equal to you.
       Blue    -  Weaker than you.
       Green   -  Peonic.
       Grey    -  Barely a grain of sand before the hurricane that is you.

Link: npc con target look

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