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General Help File

Usage: help combat_prompt

Description: The combat prompt in Primordiax provides a wide variety of information that is very important to the outcome of your battle. This help file illustrates the standard combat prompt, but there are other types you can choose also.

{NPC Target: Health} [Offensive Stance / Any Active Defensive Stances ]
{Your Name: Health} [H: health/max M: mana/max E: endo/max ]

There are 4 different types of combat prompt options (5 if you count off):

  Standard: What you see in the example. 
   Compact: Less formatting, and everything is pushed more to the left. 
  Expanded: The full width of the screen is always used.

Status Bars: Graphical bars for health, mana, and endurance.

The combat prompt will display every other combat round. If that is more spam than you want you can increase the number of rounds it skips up to 5.

Some professions have additional information in their prompt.

You can adjust some of the formatting colors with: settings command prompt

Link: csettings settings prompt

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