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Camel Spider
Habitat:Southern climes of Ta'Raekhet and Katavyan.
Description:Much like the more common tarantula, the camel spider differs in some noteworthy features. Its eight thick hairy legs are situated dorsally on its thorax, extending from a large and muscular 'hump' (hence its name). Its flat head is actually slightly articulated, like an insect's, allowing it to swivel its eight eyes for greater focus and accuracy. Its entire body is covered in yellowish-tan 'fur' although as it collects dust and clutter from its environment, it can camouflage itself with natural debris. Unlike many spiders, it possesses not only mandibles as well as fangs, but also two small fang-like stingers where spinarets would normally be located. Up to six thums in length, with a much larger fully elongated measurement, it can be a terrifying surprise.
Notes:This arachnid is primarily nocturnal, preferring the cool of the desert night to the noonday sun. While it does not build a true web, it digs and lines a burrow with a sticky web-like resin, which it fills with prey before discarding the decimated remains. It hunts by roaming, and its range can be large, spanning a territory up to a half-gran in diameter. Its prey includes insect, mice, rats, lizards, smaller scorpions and occasionally small birds.

The camel spider is often bred in captivity for the betting pens of rural tribes. They are highly aggressive and are pitted against many much larger opponents. Their bite is extremely painful during and after, as its fangs are long and serrated, and its venom is an enzymes that dissolves surrounding tissue. Its bite is not however generally fatal, although occasional allergic reactions can trigger fatal side-effects.

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