Bronze askakedjan axe

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Weapon: Axe

Bronze Askakedjan Axe

Weapon Type: Two-handed Axe

Weapon Level: 13

Description: This large, two-handed axe seems to be carved from the very mountains it is named for. Crafted to look like the very stone of the mountain range itself, the blade has an impressive cutting edge one and a half rands long and weighs nearly six crowns. The metal blade has been securely tied to the wooden shaft with several lengths of strong cord. The wooden shaft itself is nearly four rands in length and is wrapped in tough leather from tip to mid-length, granting a formidable grip. The intricate metalwork on the axe head resembles the texture of carved stone.


Character Quote:
Kaliva says, “I dabble in swords here and there. Axes will ultimately be my specialty. They are my one true love.”
Trianto says, “Indeed, swords prolong the pain of a necessary death, axes end it swiftly.”
Kaliva says, “So elloquently put, as always.”

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