Bristle thorn

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Bristle Thorn
Description:The sharp, needle-shaped leaves of this plant sprout from a central bulb location that rises out of the ground like a large, rounded button.

The spikey leaves are covered with a thin layer of waxy material, and if the skin is at all breached, the plant releases a pungent, woodsy scented oil.


Hirithel's Guide to Common Herbs

If an herb gatherer still has pristine and unblemished hands, they either are trullocs, or they're neglecting an extremely useful specimen of plant life. After all, it is bristle thorn's small rounded cones that are responsible for many a scratched up pair of hands, and certainly many a curse! Still, the herb itself is such a greatly versatile and important herb that it is well worth the effort of collection.

Hirithel's Herbal History

It might be noted, that in the mid 140s, a salamae botanist attempted to cultivate a smooth-cone variety of the bristle thorn shrub. Unfortunately, such efforts were met with little success, and the sharp spikes remain the bane of many an herbalist's collecting.

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