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The Bug Collection
Blue Ravenfly
Description:The sleek body of this four-winged insect consists of a narrow, pointed head, a slim thorax, and a diamond shaped abdomen that measures the length of the head and thorax combined. The entire creature is no longer than four thums in length, and its azure color glitters like a gem. Hints of purple and green dance along its body and colors its four slender wings. The ravenfly has six legs, covered with minute hairs that can be rubbed together to produce an odd cawing sound.

The Finding

One day, I was out hunting gorgants when I stepped on some rotting pokka eggs. At first, I was completely disgusted, but then, I realized that I had found an entire swarm of blue ravenfly. Excellent! I needed one for my collection, so I whipped out my handy-dandy net and caught one. Since I had a terrarium handy, I was able to keep it alive.

When I returned to Chemer, I headed to the Argent Moon Museum, and I found out that no one had ever entered this specimen yet! I was the very first one!

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