Blood spikes

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Blood Spikes
Habitat:Dark, damp areas; cooler climates.
Description:This plant has a small number of rubbery leaves that spike upwards from the ground. The leaves are wide at the base tapering upwards to end in a point that looks very sharp but is actually soft to the touch and easily bent or broken. The plant has a thick blood-red juice that makes an excellent dye.
Usages:red dye
Notes:virtually tasteless, good for coloring red sauces, popular body paint material

Hirithel's Herbal History

Some ancient legends claimed that eating this plant would strengthen the blood of warriors. Other legends said that this was a very healthy plant for females of childbearing age to add to their diet. However herbalists of today have not been able to substantiate claims of any effects, pro or con, resulting from ingesting the blood spikes.

Author's Note: Have heard some far-fetched rumors that a secret society of Necromancers have discovered a dark use for this plant. Details are unknown at this time.

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