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Blood bee
Habitat:Katayvan, deep jungles
Description:Spattered a sanguine red on deep crimson, this thick-bodied bee is approximately one thum long, with a slightly shorter wingspan. A single one-use barbed stinger depends from the posterior abdomen, and its sharp proboscis has evolved into a hardened protrusion capable of penetrating thick hides and skin. Specimens which have not recently fed are a darker maroon, and far less thick-bodied.
Notes:More fly than bee, it makes a blood wine instead of honey, gathering blood from freshly dead or even living creatures. Its wicked sting and vicious bites draw the source for its secretion, which ferments in a conical hive.

Folklore maintains that the blood bee, unlike some of its less aggressive cousins, can sting repeatedly before dying, although it is uncertain whether so-called extra stings are merely painful bites from the bee's atypical mandibles.

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