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Blizzard Fly
Habitat:Northern and high-altitude Mitralon and Polar Regions.
Description:Greatly resembling the common housefly in most respects, this entirely white (although not albino) specie seems a study in anatomical economy. Their proboscises also serve as genitalia, waste secreters, and quite likely, tactile sensory organs. Their white carapace, notably denser than their southern counterparts', often glistens and twinkles in direct sunlight, giving it a crystalline appearance.
Notes:The torso and wings seem to secrete a built-in anti-freeze, so they can survive in the cold, and in sufficient numbers, they swarm, their light-colored bodies mimicking snowflakes.

Captive specimens only thrive when fed a diet of frozen red meat. Thawed meat is unpalatable to them.

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