Benevole spines

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Benevole Spines
Description:Normally, this useful herb grows on a stout, abundantly leafed shrub with long branches. Each leaf sprouts from the braches in long, lance-shaped projections from which the herb receives its name. Each slender leaf is edged with small teeth, and on the underside of the protrusions, tiny brown spores sprout in multiple clusters. From here, the seeds of the plant are produced.
Notes:branches and leaves curl up tightly when disturbed

Hirithel's Guide to Common Herbs

Benevole spines are completely lacking in flowers. The leaves are the most important part of this plant, and they produce a light, damp smell much like the air after a soft rain. Because of this, I find that benevole spines are particularly desirable as air refreshers; most especially in sickrooms.

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