Belladine Dragonfly

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Belladine Dragonfly
Habitat:Inland lakes of temperate zones.
Description:The spectacular warm-color variations of this dual-winged insect can actually be uncomfortable to look at in bright sunlight. The two-to-four-thum-long bodies are highly reflective, and can be seen in broad daylight from many grans in distance, a phenomenon referred to as 'daystars'. Their twin pairs of wings are broader than other species of dragonfly. Their wings make a buzzing, clattering noise in top-speed flight, and at times, this noise is produced while the dragonfly is perched.
Notes:Named for Belladine, a gem named for Bellamane, the goddess of passion, among other domains, the reflective quality of their bodies can create a nighttime twinkling over the surfaces of fresh water bodies, caught and doubled in the aquatic mirror. As they occasionally dip to the surface to feed, the twinkling and its reflection in the water completes the illusion that the dragonfly is capable of submerging below the surface. Perhaps this apparition more than anything else in their behavior generates the folklore that they are also able to travel between planes of existence.

Collected specimens tend to discolor over time if not stored in humidors.

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